My Top Ten Favorite Movie Characters

When it comes to Movie characters, this is my forte. I am gonna list my top ten below.

10. The Joker (TDK)

9. Gertie (ET)

8. Ferris Bueller

7. Lt. Dan Taylor (Forrest Gump)

6. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Top Gun)

5. Ellen Ripley (Aliens Quadrilogy)

4. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

3. Forrest Gump

2. Michael Corleone

Now before I unveil number one, here are a few honorable mentions

Neo (The Matrix Trilogy)

Mikey (The Goonies)

Gizmo (Gremlins)

Now Number 1 is… DRUM ROLL please!!!!

  1. Rocky Balboa

Yes Sly is number 1!!!!!!!!


Good Saturday Morning

Hey guys it is Saturday and I am gracing you with another blog post. Now I think on Saturdays going forward I will be posting my thoughts on certain topics dealing with filming and stuff like that. What do you guys think? Should I? Or should I do some other topics? This is my film related blog spot though. So maybe I will write on topics about films.


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A Second Blog

So when I was young, like high school, I wrote my first screenplay. The subject of the screenplay was a school, my school, being taken over by terrorists. This was before 9/11, and guess who the hero was? Yep, this dumbass. My problem with that first script was that I used people’s real names. Yes I used my classmates and teachers real names. I had a great story, but I used the real names. Mind you I was in 9th or 10th grade at the time. I even used the name of the school as the setting. I have learned from that experience. I try to fictionalize the settings in my films now. So in my films, I use Golden Cove, Bridge City, or The Burgh as representing Pittsburgh.

So does anyone have any questions for my future videos?


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How Did I Start Writing?

As a young adult I started with writing Star Trek fan fiction. Plus I also wrote in Star Trek Text based RPG’s. I loved writing Trek, but I also loved writing in e-feds. An e-fed is a text based Wrestling RPG.  Then as I evolved my writing I started writing screenplays. I wrote my first script in High School. I learned a few ways to correct my errors in the screenplays. You NEVER use real names in screenplays, unless you have written permission to use the names. 

So that is just a snippet of how I started in my writing career.  I will be posting blogs like this once a week. They are scheduled to release every Thursday morning. I will also release other material through the week.